My Work > “Exploring Symbols of Culture Through Writing and Movement: A Look at West African Textile Art”

This workshop is designed for teachers of grades 3-6, but can be adapted to include other K-8. In this workshop, explore West African culture through its textile art, the widely known Kente Cloth and the lesser known stamped art called Adinkra. The Adinkra symbols of the Ashanti people in Ghana represent attributes for which they strive: strength, wisdom, learning from mistakes, hope, truth, etc. In this workshop, explore ways to examine the symbols for these personal attributes that are critical to successful living. Learn to guide students’ exploration of each symbol through creative movement and writing. Movement explorations are guided by an understanding of lines, levels, shapes, and pathways; Writing explorations involve use of synonyms, verbs, and modifiers for each symbol. The experience concludes when students combine their movement and writing into a culminating performance.